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sinjinh1: (Default)
Saturday, October 16th, 2010 01:10 pm
To say that my family is dysfunctional is to be putting it mildly. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother and none of us are close. I'm going to use initals, cause, well, I feel like it.

At the moment, I live in Ohio, my brother, A, lives in Minnesota, my sisters J and C live in New Mexico. I knew J lived in New Mexico, she's been there since 1993 when she went to college then met her husband. I had to find out where A and C were through the internet. Although I shouldn't have had to look for C because she's been in the same town as J since 1999.

Here's the thing, after my mom died the family fell apart. She was the glue that kept us together. J has a problem which I like to call "she wasn't born first and it pisses her off-itis." She likes to boss the rest of us around and if she doesn't get her way she cuts us out of her life. Which I why I haven't spoken to her for almost 10 years. I didn't follow her well laid out plan for my life.

Anyway, about 2 years ago, our great-aunt called J to catch up with her and to maybe talk to C. J told our aunt that she had had a big fight with C over C's boyfriend and C left with the boyfriend and no one knew where she was. She bascially told our aunt that C was not in New Mexico any more.

For whatever warped reason, J does not like our great aunt and uncle. I find them pefrectly pleasent and sweet old people. They've been very good to me in the last ten years and I bent over backwards to make sure I was there for their 50th anniversary party. J couldn't be bothered to show up.

So I don't know if J told our aunt that she didn't know where C was because she couldn't be bothered or what. But I found out the other day that C is still in New Mexico! In fact, she's still at the same house she's been in since 1999! J lied! J let the entire family believe that she had no clue where C was! That totally pisses me off because I would like to get in touch with C and A again. I'm not sure I can be bothered with J if she's going to be the way she's been for our entire lives. If I thought for one instant that she wasn't as controlling as she used to be I might get in touch with her too, but I don't think that's going to happen.

It's going to be interesting in a couple of years when J's kids become teenagers and start rebelling against her.

I guess you can't pick your family, but if you could, I have a pretty cool sort of adopted big sister who tells me to tell J to pound salt every time I find out abotu something else she's done. Maybe I should listen to Terri.
sinjinh1: (Default)
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 06:11 pm
My Uncle just friended me on Facebook.  He's a conservative Republican.  Wonder how shocked he'll be when he sees some of the stuff on my page. <G>