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2011-05-19 10:23 am
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Call me old fashioned

Okay maybe I'm not that old fashioned. I'm only like this when it comes to marriage. I don't get how men can cheat on their wives. I don't get how you can sleep with someone who works for you, father a child with that person and keep it a secret from your wife for over 10 years.

Yes Arnold, I'm talking to you! Maria Shriver is a strong woman who stood by your side when you ran for Governor of California when you didn't even consult her before you threw your hat in the ring. She gave up her career for you. She supported you even though your politics are the polar opposite of hers. She gave you four beautiful children. But that wasn't enough for you. Oh no, you had to sleep with the housekeeper and get her pregnant.

And you're not the only one! Robin Gibb got his housekeeper pregnant a few years ago. His wife found out and kicked the bitch to the curb. Of course he put his mistress in a house down the street.

Of course the tool of all tools, in my opinion, is John Edwards. He cheated on his wife and fathered a child but what makes his transgression truly henious is that Elizabeth Edwards was terminally ill and he knew it! He didn't even wait until she passed away before he found someone to take her place in bed!

I love The Good Wife, I really do, but it's sort of sending the wrong message. The core of the show is that Alicia should stand by her man because it will be better for him politically. I would delve further into this but there would be spoliers.

Arnold, I hope that Maria divorces you. I'm pretty sure there's not a pre-nup. You've been married for 25 years and according to California law she's entitled to half your assests. And you were the governor of CA, it's not like you can hide your assests. And child supports going to be huge too. Your sons are still minors. And you better believe your mistress is going to slap you with a child support order after you dragged her name into this mess.
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2011-04-19 06:18 pm
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Elisabeth Sladen

Went on Twitter today and saw on John Barrowman's feed that Elisabeth Sladen has passed away. He said RTD called him this morning and broke the news to him. I think if I hadn't seen it there first I wouldn't have believed it until I saw the official BBC announcement.

Elisabeth brought Sarah Jane Smith into our lives and the lives of the Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Jack. She will be missed.

Rest in Peace Elisabeth, you will live on in the hearts of your family, friends and legions of fans.
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2011-02-02 03:43 pm
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Ice Storm

While a lot of the Midwest got a blizzard, the Northeast Ohio area where I live got hit with an ice storm. And being the loyal employee, or glutent for punishment, that I am, I went to work today. Okay so I had my roommate drive cause I suck at driving on ice, but that's besides the point.

There are 8 Kelly temps on my team, the rest are employees of the company. Of those 8, three of us do one check application process and the others do other things. Only 4 of us showed up today and I was the only one doing my end of the deal. And that includes the regular company employees. I posted nearly 700 checks today, a personal record. And I did it all before 12 o'clock. I think I need a bonus for showing up today in the first place and for doing everyone else's work for them.
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2011-01-10 04:24 pm


I find myself at a crossroads. I have to make a potenially life changing decision and I can decide what to do. Do I turn left or turn right? Do I stay where I am or go back where I came from? Ohio or Tennessee? You would think that this would be an easy decision but there are many factors to weigh. I have friends here, I have friends and family there. I have a job here, no job there. I'm not sure about an apartment here nor do I have a place to stay here, unless I stay with my elderly aunt and uncle. (Love them but I so don't think so.)

If only I had a crystal ball or something that would help me see things clearer and would help me make up my mind about what to do.
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2010-12-18 01:17 pm
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Leaving Ya-Hell

So after being screwed by Yahoo sending me e-mails a day late one too many times, I switched to Gmail. It really wasn't that hard of a decision. There are still some things that I'm leaving on yahoo mail, like groups and stuff that just spam me until I have time to get everything figured out. But I'm glad I made the switch. I was missing important e-mails from school and my bank. This is not acceptable.
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2010-11-08 03:53 pm
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Frustrated is not the word for it

So today I get to work and find out there is a ton of stuff to process. My job is in the accounting department of a major insurance company and I get to process life insurance checks from 7 in the morning until our deadline at 2 in the afternoon. I'm also learning to do other processes that will fill up my time from 2 to 3:30 when I get off.

So anyway, me and 2 other people learned how to do return check letters last week. Because there are three of us, we knew we were going to do some sort of rotation to make sure that they got done properly. I sent an e-mail to them this morning to get them to let me know if they wanted it to be a daily or weekly rotation because I didn't really have time to set aside for a meeting about it. Well, one of them e-mails me back saying that we are going to get together about it later on in the day.

Now you would think that they would wait until after 2 knowing that my deadline is 2. Oh now, they come strolling over at about 1:30 to discuss this. I tell them I don't really have time, but talk to them for a couple of minutes anyway cause apparently I'm being to snappy. We basically decided that we would do a daily rotation. The one who called the meeting then went over to her desk to try to figure out how to schedule it on Outlook (she couldn't do it).

Now I get to come up with a schedule, send it to them and tell the morons to put it on their own damn calendars! How hard is this? Seriously. Come on people, it's not rocket science.
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2010-10-16 01:10 pm
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I hate being lied to, espcially by family

To say that my family is dysfunctional is to be putting it mildly. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother and none of us are close. I'm going to use initals, cause, well, I feel like it.

At the moment, I live in Ohio, my brother, A, lives in Minnesota, my sisters J and C live in New Mexico. I knew J lived in New Mexico, she's been there since 1993 when she went to college then met her husband. I had to find out where A and C were through the internet. Although I shouldn't have had to look for C because she's been in the same town as J since 1999.

Here's the thing, after my mom died the family fell apart. She was the glue that kept us together. J has a problem which I like to call "she wasn't born first and it pisses her off-itis." She likes to boss the rest of us around and if she doesn't get her way she cuts us out of her life. Which I why I haven't spoken to her for almost 10 years. I didn't follow her well laid out plan for my life.

Anyway, about 2 years ago, our great-aunt called J to catch up with her and to maybe talk to C. J told our aunt that she had had a big fight with C over C's boyfriend and C left with the boyfriend and no one knew where she was. She bascially told our aunt that C was not in New Mexico any more.

For whatever warped reason, J does not like our great aunt and uncle. I find them pefrectly pleasent and sweet old people. They've been very good to me in the last ten years and I bent over backwards to make sure I was there for their 50th anniversary party. J couldn't be bothered to show up.

So I don't know if J told our aunt that she didn't know where C was because she couldn't be bothered or what. But I found out the other day that C is still in New Mexico! In fact, she's still at the same house she's been in since 1999! J lied! J let the entire family believe that she had no clue where C was! That totally pisses me off because I would like to get in touch with C and A again. I'm not sure I can be bothered with J if she's going to be the way she's been for our entire lives. If I thought for one instant that she wasn't as controlling as she used to be I might get in touch with her too, but I don't think that's going to happen.

It's going to be interesting in a couple of years when J's kids become teenagers and start rebelling against her.

I guess you can't pick your family, but if you could, I have a pretty cool sort of adopted big sister who tells me to tell J to pound salt every time I find out abotu something else she's done. Maybe I should listen to Terri.
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2010-09-21 12:07 pm
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Frustrated just begins to describe it

So my temp job is turning out to be a bust. For the past month it's been half days or no days. This week alone I worked 3 and a half hours on Monday, 2 and a half hours today and I don't go back till Thursday. It's frustrating because it means my checks are tiny and I can't pay my bills.

Time to dust off the old resume and start the job search again.

When I took this job it was supposed to be 37 to 40 hours a week and last at least to December. Funny, my calender says its only September.
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2010-09-14 12:32 pm
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I have now successfully set up a DW account. It's the same user name as LJ. I find that makes things easier. I still have to get icons squared away and a mood theme, but other than that, I'm good to go. At least something's going right in my life at the moment.
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2010-09-13 11:04 am

I feel like I've accomplished something!

I managed to figure out how to import into DW from LJ. It's the only thing I've managed to accomplish today since my job doesn't have anything for me to do. Oh well, at least it's something.
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2010-09-12 12:25 pm

I'm here!

I've made it! I'll have to wait to upload icons and such till I get my computer set back up. Hopefully this will wind up being interesting.
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2010-01-27 04:04 pm
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What constitutes an invasion of privacy?

I'm on the official John Barrowman mailing list and was disturbed by something I saw there.  Apparently, I could have read this wrong, someone saw John walking his dogs near his home and followed him home.  The person in question said she didn't stand there and snap pictures and that there were no signs that said keep out. From the tone of her post, it sounds like she's going to go back and stare in his backyard again unless he expressly says not to.  That's borderline stalker behavior.

Let me get this off my chest, and then you guys on my flist can tell me I'm wrong.  It's none of my business where a celebrity I like lives. If I happen to run into them on the street, or in a store, that's one thing. I've run into celebrities a few times when I worked at Barnes and Noble. I was always polite and professional knowing that they were there shopping and not there for me to drool over or harrass for an autograph. If I bumped into someone on the street or in a restauraunt, I would gauge the situation to see if it was an apporpirate time for asking for an autograph. 

At no time would I ever follow someone home and decide that now that I know where they live it's okay to keep going by their house whenever I feel like it.  Someone on the Barrowman list pointed out that John's partner Scott did not ask for people to start following him around just because the man he loves is famous. What if one of their nieces or nephews happened to be visiting? Just because Uncle John is a celebrity is no reason for their privacy to be invaded. And it is also an invasion of John's privacy.

Bottom line, public situations are one thing. If you want to ask someone for an autograph when you run into them on the street, at a store, in a restuaurant, whatever, that's your choice. Following them home is stepping across a fine line. 
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2010-01-23 08:29 pm
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Return to Cranford

Return to Cranford is on PBS.  I love Judi Dench and the rest of the cast.  I just really miss Martin Shaw as Peter Jennkins.  The other guy's just not the same.
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2010-01-23 06:11 pm
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Realtives on Facebook

My Uncle just friended me on Facebook.  He's a conservative Republican.  Wonder how shocked he'll be when he sees some of the stuff on my page. <G>
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2010-01-23 01:06 pm

Richard Dean Anderson

60 years ago today in the wonderful state of Minnesota, Richard Dean Anderson came into the world.    I wish my dear Richard a happy birthday.

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2010-01-21 03:24 pm
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Sentinel on Sci Fi

Why did I not realize that Jenny Calender and Lila Morgan were on the Sentinel?  See what happens when Sci Fi has a marathon!
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2010-01-20 07:26 pm
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American Idol

I've been watching the auditions on Youtube, cause I can't be bothered to interrupt my regular television viewing.  That's just the way I am, sorry. Anyway, most of the people that I have seen being put through to Hollywood I have liked.  A couple of them I think could go all the way.  However, there are times when I wonder exactly why they've made the decision to put someone through.  

When someone goes through that I'm not sure about usually Simon will say no.  That happened a couple of times in Atlanta and Chicago this year.  However, there have been a couple of times where all four judges have said yes and I'm sitting there scratching my head trying to figure out why.

It's like when I watched the Maria and Joseph auditions again on BBC America.  There were some people who got through to Maria and Joseph school that made me scratch my head and wonder what they were thinking.  Of course, with Maria, Joseph and Nancy, I did not scratch my head when I saw the final outcome.  The winners of those three were the right people, in my opinion.  Although with Nancy I was torn between Jodie and Jessie for quite a while until I felt Jessie was starting to crumble under the pressure.  Again, just my opinion.

There have been quite a few times when the American Idol winner has been crowned and I have been wondering what America was thinking.  The ones I have scratched my head about have also had bad record sales, so maybe I do have some clue about what I'm talking about.

Okay, end rant.
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2010-01-19 05:57 pm
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Fictional Character that best represents your personaility.

Facebook is doing this thing this week to change your profile picture to a fictional character that you think best represents your personality.  Which leads to the question, which fictional character would best represent me.  Or any of you guys on my f-list.  This could take some pondering.
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2010-01-19 01:49 pm
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Luke and Noah are supposed to be on today and I cant' watch.  OH the humaniity!

You can't tell I'm bored, can you?
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2010-01-19 01:21 pm
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Writer's Block: Rotten tomatoes

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I have 2 answers for that.  Dumb and Dumber is the only movie I've every walked out of.  It just repulsed me in every way.  

I wanted to walk out of Natural Born Killers. The only reason I stuck through that was because of Robert Downey Jr. But I couldn't stand that movie.  I kept thinking I should walk out anyway.