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Thursday, May 19th, 2011 10:23 am
Okay maybe I'm not that old fashioned. I'm only like this when it comes to marriage. I don't get how men can cheat on their wives. I don't get how you can sleep with someone who works for you, father a child with that person and keep it a secret from your wife for over 10 years.

Yes Arnold, I'm talking to you! Maria Shriver is a strong woman who stood by your side when you ran for Governor of California when you didn't even consult her before you threw your hat in the ring. She gave up her career for you. She supported you even though your politics are the polar opposite of hers. She gave you four beautiful children. But that wasn't enough for you. Oh no, you had to sleep with the housekeeper and get her pregnant.

And you're not the only one! Robin Gibb got his housekeeper pregnant a few years ago. His wife found out and kicked the bitch to the curb. Of course he put his mistress in a house down the street.

Of course the tool of all tools, in my opinion, is John Edwards. He cheated on his wife and fathered a child but what makes his transgression truly henious is that Elizabeth Edwards was terminally ill and he knew it! He didn't even wait until she passed away before he found someone to take her place in bed!

I love The Good Wife, I really do, but it's sort of sending the wrong message. The core of the show is that Alicia should stand by her man because it will be better for him politically. I would delve further into this but there would be spoliers.

Arnold, I hope that Maria divorces you. I'm pretty sure there's not a pre-nup. You've been married for 25 years and according to California law she's entitled to half your assests. And you were the governor of CA, it's not like you can hide your assests. And child supports going to be huge too. Your sons are still minors. And you better believe your mistress is going to slap you with a child support order after you dragged her name into this mess.