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Monday, November 8th, 2010 03:53 pm
So today I get to work and find out there is a ton of stuff to process. My job is in the accounting department of a major insurance company and I get to process life insurance checks from 7 in the morning until our deadline at 2 in the afternoon. I'm also learning to do other processes that will fill up my time from 2 to 3:30 when I get off.

So anyway, me and 2 other people learned how to do return check letters last week. Because there are three of us, we knew we were going to do some sort of rotation to make sure that they got done properly. I sent an e-mail to them this morning to get them to let me know if they wanted it to be a daily or weekly rotation because I didn't really have time to set aside for a meeting about it. Well, one of them e-mails me back saying that we are going to get together about it later on in the day.

Now you would think that they would wait until after 2 knowing that my deadline is 2. Oh now, they come strolling over at about 1:30 to discuss this. I tell them I don't really have time, but talk to them for a couple of minutes anyway cause apparently I'm being to snappy. We basically decided that we would do a daily rotation. The one who called the meeting then went over to her desk to try to figure out how to schedule it on Outlook (she couldn't do it).

Now I get to come up with a schedule, send it to them and tell the morons to put it on their own damn calendars! How hard is this? Seriously. Come on people, it's not rocket science.